Affiliation to the Universidad-Empresa ALCUE Network C.A.

The Universidad-Empresa ALCUE Network is constituted by Higher Education Institutions, which are represented in the Civil Association (C.A.) branch of government governing by people delegated by the respective Rector. This ensures institutional coverage of the Network´s fulfilment of objectives. However, the heart and raison d'être of the Network are the teachers of these HEIs, who carry out day by day actions to relate to the respective HEIs to the world. The Network is the space to generate relations between these specialists of the different HEIs, to establish activities of cooperation, exchanges of knowledge and joint projects.

Affiliation process for HEIs wishing to be part of the Universidad-Empresa ALCUE Network

  1. The Rector of the IES must send a letter addressed to the Secretary of the Network in which the membership is requested and must specify the reasons for which the IES wishes to join. You can use the Format that the Network has and adapt it according to the institutional requirements of the IES or use the one that is most convenient for you. You must also specify that you have knowledge of the bylaws of the Network, which you will find here. The letter must be signed, scanned and sent by e-mail to
  2. In addition, the IES and the Network must sign a collaboration agreement ratified by a collegiate body of the IES, in order to ensure that any change in the authorities guarantees the membership of the IES to the Network. The Agreement Model of the University-Business Network ALCUE, A.C. Is available here.
  3. The IES must submit to the Network its fiscal data, so that the latter generates the invoice corresponding to the annual membership of the current period (November to October) for an amount of 1,500 usd (one thousand five hundred US dollars).
  4. Finally, the Rector of the IES must appoint an institutional representative of the IES before the University-Company Network, which preferably must be a teacher who works on the Network's themes.

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