About Us

The Universidad-Empresa ALCUE is a network constituted by Universities, which are represented in the Civil Assosiation by a member delegated by the respective Rector. This ensures institutional coverage to fullfil the objectives of the Network. However, the heart and reason for being of the Network are the professors and researchers of these Universities, who in one way or another carry out day by day the Actions to relate the respective universities to the productive world. The Network has become an important space to generate relations between these specialists, to establish cooperation activities, knowledge exchanges, joint projects, etc.

The Network combines a Top-Down approach with a Botton Up, trying to combine the institutional coverage with the dynamism of those who operate the relations with the productive world. The network's conceptual approach to the relationship between universities and the productive world is not reduced to patenting, is a multidimensional activity.

By institutional terms, the Universidad-Empresa ALCUE Network is part of the "Unión de Universidades de América Latina y el Caribe" (UDUAL).

The Universidad-Empresa ALCUE Network was created by a group of universities that had participated in the "VertebrALCUE" project, sponsored by the European Union and held during the period 2008-2012. In October 2013, the Constituent Assembly of the Network was held in the Santiago de Chile city. The Network was officially created with the support of 31 universities located in the EULAC space.

Subsequently, that group of universities promoted the constitution of the Civil Association called Universidad-Empresa ALCUE Network with headquarters in Mexico City; To this end, in 2014, the First Annual Assembly of the Network was held in the framework of the Second International Congress of the Network, in which 24 universities of 11 countries of the EULAC space, and an honorary member (UDUAL) , ratified their membership.

Nowdays the Universidad-Empresa ALCUE Network counts with 25 members in 12 countries of the EULAC space.

To create in the EULAC space an articulating node of the institutions and people dedicated to promote the relations of the universities with the productive world and enhance the exchange of experiences between them, as well of the development of joint initiatives, integrating the ecosystem of this cooperation through links with the business, industry and government sectors. All this in order to promote, in the EULAC space, the Knowledge transfer as a factor of innovation and social-economic development.

By 2019, the Universidad-Empresa ALCUE Network

  • Has accomplished with its 2013-2019 strategic development plan, having achieved the means to ensure sustainability and growth.

  • It has created working groups that develop relevant contributions of the different topics that comprise this relationship between universities and companies.

  • It is placed within the EULAC space as a recognized actor in inter-institutional networking that improve the relationship between universities and the productive world, particularly SMEs, as well as the government agencies and business associations in their capability to make significant contributions to the Design of Policies for boosting innovation in the region.

  • To articulate the members of the Universidad-Empresa ALCUE Network by sharing knowledge and activities through working groups.

  • Increase the number of institutions integrated into the Network and actively participate in it.

  • hold an Annual International Academic Conference to promote reflections and experience exchange of the EULAC space on the thematics that Universidad-Empresa ALCUE Network encompass.

  • Establish contacts and cooperation agreements with the relevant actors of the university-productive world relationship ecosystem (governments, business associations, etc.).

  • Develop an area of services for the institutions that work the thematics of the Network(governments, business associations, etc.).